Christmas Eve at Northshore Community Church

As the lighting designer and programmer for Northshore Community Church's 2022 & 2023 Christmas Eve Services, I designed and programmed over 300 timecode-operated lighting cues each show, creating a stunning visual experience for the audience. In addition to the lighting, I programmed special effects, including a low-lying fogger, snow machines, and fog geysers. To ensure a seamless production, I worked closely with the Director of Production and the worship team to harmonize our visions for the service. I also assisted in designing and installing the additional lighting equipment required for the event.

Full Service:

Grace Academy Theatre

At Grace Academy, I served as the primary sound, light, and video technician for our theatrical productions, including acting as the Technical Director for my final production. I programmed sound, light, and video cues for each yearly production, and trained volunteers on how to operate various production elements. During our 2022 show, I oversaw the addition of projected video content, a first in the program’s history. During the performances, I acted as the primary audio engineer, mixing over ten wireless microphones, sound effects, and musical tracks on our digital mixing console to create an immersive experience for the audience.

I'm Experienced In:

ChromaQ Vista

Lighting Console


Lighting Console

Shure Integrated Systems Level 2

Wireless Audio & Audio Integration Certification

Dante Certification Level 2

Networked Audio & Network Management

Allen & Heath SQ

Mixing Console


Audio & Video Playback

Autodesk Fusion 360

3D Modeling

Ross Carbonite

Video Switching & Routing

Davinci Resolve

Video Editing Suite

My Hobbies:

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